Robots are Changing the Way People Work

Automation has changed the way people work and live. Many people remember Horn & Hardart, an automated food service eatery with packaged food served through windows so there would be “less work for mother.” Now people have fast food restaurants of all types and a wide variety of food served in vending machines. “The Jetsons” made viewers imagine a robotic maid such as Rosie to handle household chores. Today robots are changing the face of the workplace.

Robotic Workers

Manufacturing, warehousing, retail, and laboratory science are some of the leading places where robotics are integrated into the current workforce. A robotic arm performs various tasks, ranging from moving products to liquid handling. Customized software is used to integrate automation into existing systems. Robotics help to boost production and minimize errors. Typically mundane tasks are no longer done by people, which can improve the quality of their workday.

Rental Robots

Recently Inc. reported about a company that is renting robots to use for industrial purposes. This is a major benefit for companies that cannot afford to purchase robots that can initially cost $75,000 or more. Instead, the robots are rented for $1,500 to $4,000 per month. This also gives businesses an opportunity to see how well robotics might fit into their current work plans

Robots Everywhere

While a robotic vacuum might not have the charm of Rosie, these devices are being used across the country to get rugs clean. There are also robotic floor cleaners and swimming pool cleaners

The increasing use of automation is also helping drive certain robotic stocks up, which is being noted by savvy investors who see the bright future ahead for robots in society.