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What is organic SEO and why bother?

Search engine optimization is something that scares most bloggers. Given the frequent updates of the search engine algorithm, SEO has become a foreign concept to many bloggers, such as organic SEO.

Still the basics are the same, and frequent updates to SEO algorithms, such as those of Google, have simply facilitated access to the front lines of search results for professional bloggers.

How to please the search engines, after all these major updates?

What is organic SEO

Most bloggers have completely false notions of SEO and to be precise, organic SEO. First of all, what does “organic” mean? Something organic (like food) is prepared using natural matter. Organic foods are free of artificial or chemical products.

Organic foods contain natural ingredients, direct or derived from natural sources such as products derived from animals or plants. In any case, what is organic does not contain anything artificial or synthetic. This is the most important thing we need to remember for now.

Let’s see what organic means in terms of SEO. Organic referencing, like organic food, should contain only natural ingredients, more importantly, there should be no artificial or manipulated substances.

We are a long way from the days when you could make a website that, thanks to many artificial schemes, arrived on the first page of the results of the search engines. That’s not it, organic SEO!

All the black hat techniques and all the links created thanks to non-natural methods, are only manipulations, and as we all know, it has been years since it does not work anymore.

In addition, even if these methods still worked, there would be nothing organic or natural. In fact, it must be admitted that the Google updates have come to point to restore some order in the chaos, otherwise the web would be full of spam and useless sites.

Anyone who knows how to artificially manipulate the rankings could be well ranked, regardless of whether it offers real value or not! Black hat SEO techniques might work for a while, but search engines know how to detect these kinds of techniques today!

This is the reason why bloggers, in particular, should look into this type of SEO. You will only succeed if you bring value, and only this type of SEO can help you move forward.

Besides the fear of knowing when Panda or Penguin will strike you, you are probably doing business online and your blog is your marketing tool. Any business will prosper if it brings real value to its readers, prospects or customers.

If a blog does not offer value and if it still manages to get a good ranking in the search engines, it might not last, because all these tips and tricks do not work in the long run. And if you want to build something for the long term, you have to use organic SEO.

Organic SEO is a long-term job, it is something that only works in the long run. There are two ways to look at this long term: (1) it takes a while for the first results to appear, (2) once things start to change, the progression is automatic.

Organic SEO is a long-term job … This is the reason why most bloggers feel frustrated with this type of SEO. They make some quick changes to the page optimization, while complying with Google’s strict rules (very reasonable rules) for a while. But after a few days, if they do not see a surge of organic traffic, they give up!

Organic SEO does not work that way. It usually takes a while for the results to be visible. I know that some bloggers have managed to reap the benefits of their work in a very short period of time, but that requires a major effort.

These bloggers probably did not skimp on the efforts, they spent time and spent money outsourcing some tasks. And perhaps they have also adopted other marketing strategies, more aggressive, in order to reap results in a shorter time.

Remember to write longer, more advanced articles, high quality articles and this, at least three times a week, the more quality content you have and the more traffic you will get. Set goals to achieve in terms of comments on blogs and forums, make guest blogging, and be active on social networks, all this will allow you to be more present in terms of exposure.

If you combine all marketing strategies with organic SEO, and if you do it aggressively, you can reap the benefits of your work in a very short time. Understanding that organic SEO takes a long time to yield results should not stop you or make you think it’s not worth it!

It may seem very hard at first, you might even think that the results will never appear, but once they arrive, you will reap the benefits almost automatically. You will need to continue to optimize your content for search engines in an ethical way, even if it generates more work to get more search engine traffic.

However, once launched, you will see substantial results in terms of organic traffic and your site will have a much better overall ranking. If to get big results you have to make efforts, big or small, is not it worth it?

Organic SEO is easy and risk free. One of the most compelling reasons to explain why bloggers need to be concerned about this type of SEO is that it’s easy, much easier than any artificial methods. And this is done without risks!

If you do not use questionable SEO techniques, you do not have to worry about Google updates that penalize this kind of techniques. I do not mean that your site will be punishable when Penguin or Panda hit again, but who knows what the next update will do?

To date, almost all of Google’s SEO updates have affected a good portion of the quality sites, which used only approved and proven techniques. These results were accidental and generally these sites found their position within a few weeks. So, do not worry if your site is penalized by an update of search engine algorithms. In fact, you do not have to worry about it as long as you keep your hands clean.

Plus, it’s easy. With organic SEO best practices your blogger life will only be more hectic. It takes a lot of time, effort, energy and even money to implement black hat SEO techniques.

You must invest in software that will help you automate the sending of comments to create links, automate the marketing of your articles, automate the creation of links, automate content writing by stuffing it with keywords
and probably to get penalized by the search engines.

So, do you plan to use organic SEO? You have to worry about getting organic traffic to your blog, avoiding taking side roads. If you want search engines to provide organic traffic and you want to have a good online presence, you have to play according to their rules. Plus, since all you have to do is find a way to deliver quality content to your readers, prospects, customers, it simplifies things.

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