How Important Is It to Hire a Top Real Estate Agent in Chicago

If you are looking to make an investment in a property or to sell it, the importance of hiring a top real estate agent in Chicago cannot be overestimated.

Finding a competent real estate agent to sell your home is really necessary in a market like Chicago, which is very competitive. The agent should not just have a rich experience in selling and buying homes but you should also be able a build a relationship with him that is founded on trust. One such reputable company is Kale Realty, which has been serving the local market for many years.

It is important to hire a good real estate agent like them in Chicago for the following reasons:

Due Diligence

A good real-estate agent will help in conducting due diligence about the property right from the beginning. The Chicago real estate market varies greatly between different neighborhoods; thus, a good agent will have a keen understanding about the specifics of a particular market.

If an agent is familiar with the area where you are planning to make a transaction, he will help you to secure an offer that goes above your asking price. Since real estate is essentially a local activity, agents will also have differentiated experience. While some agents are great at selling condos, others will fetch you amazing prices for single-family homes. This is why it is important to hire an agent who works on the job full-time, rather than choosing somebody who juggles the sale of your property with another job.

Furthermore, a good agent that works on your transaction full-time will be readily available when potential buyers are. Therefore, he will be flexible to work at any time of the day, whenever the buyer is willing to see the property. This agent will also be able to focus on your property on a full-time basis and will be much aware about short-term changes in the market that might affect the transaction. Based on the level of due diligence conducted, the agent will thus be able to actively market your home to prospective buyers.

The Value of Experience

The knowledge and experience that an agent possesses goes a long way in determining how high a price your property will fetch. Using his skill, an agent will be able to tell you the estimates of costs early on so as to ensure that you know what you’re in for. For instance, an agent will tell you his own commission as well as that of the buyer’s agent. Knowing this upfront will also help you in negotiating better.

The agent will also be able to help you set the asking price. Often you might overvalue your home due to an emotional attachment, but the keen experience of a good agent will help you in making a realistic assessment of prices, that depends on market conditions as well as the prevalent neighborhood rate.

A full-time real estate agent will figure out market prices more quickly and effectively than an average homeowner. He will also know the best way to prepare your home for sale. He will know the necessary condo association regulations, the nuances of building materials and their durability and thus, your home will be in a better shape before sale.

Effective Marketing Strategy

A good agent will not just tell you about the normal costs but also about other transaction costs like taxes, transfer stamps, title insurance, attorney fees and so on. A top agent will often give you a sheet listing the entire range of fees that you have to pay. He will also help you understand the contractual terms between you and himself, as well as with the buyer.

Based on all these costs, he will be able to draw up prices accordingly and then formulate an effective marketing strategy to sell the property. Top agents use different marketing strategies like print advertising, direct mail, and online platforms to make your home more attractive to customers. Some even prepare full-color brochures, conduct virtual tours of the house and use social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to aggressively market the property.

Thus, before embarking on the decision to sell a house in Chicago, make sure you find a good real-estate like Kale Realty to rely on.