3 Drawbacks of Paying Marketing Agencies Upfront

It comes to a point where you need marketing agencies in your business. Marketing companies will help to increase the portfolio of your business leading to making more profits. With the stiff competition in the marketplace, you need to look for more ways to ensure your products and services reach to your targeted customers. To see what these services entail you can check http://www.ronalytics.com/services but here are some of the things you should look out for;

Marketing agencies will charge the client based on;

  • Per hourly rate
  • Commission based on pricing
  • Retainer-Based Pricing
  • Fixed-Pricing and
  • Value-based Pricing

However, the client may decide to pay upfront which has the following disadvantages;


After payment, some marketing agencies end up not performing their duties and fail to deliver as expected by the client. By doing this, the client will end up being frustrated, making fewer profits or losses to some extent. Some agencies end up delivering wrong products and services contrary to the customer’s wish, which in turn break the trust of his clients. Business mostly succeeds based on trust.

Fake Agents

The majority of the agencies that ask for upfront payments are false. They will call and might end up convincing you that they will present you only to turn out to be con men. You should be very vigilant and be on the lookout. Most of the important marketing agents do not do adverts on the internet.

Late Delivery

When a contract is signed, there is always a deadline that is set. When some of the marketing agents get paid up front, they end up not honoring the deadline dates. Late delivery of goods and services put the credibility of the clients, by the customers, to question. To find a trustworthy agent is paramount.

Upfront payment can boost the trust of your marketing agent and act as a motivation to perform better. But it is advisable to be vigilant and keen in knowing an honest and a fake agent. The importance of marketing in business cannot be ignored, and the benefits are amazing.